There are many names for tall advertising banners in the market from Feather and Swooper to Super and Windless. However, they all share one thing in common, they are all price-effective, easy ways to advertise and market your business!

Super vs. Windless

First, they both share a lot of similarities:

  • • Both flags are 11.5ft by 2.5ft tall, and sit on our 16ft poles, to prevent your flag from dragging on the ground. That's 2 feet above competing advertising banners!
  • • Both have double-strength sewn edges from the sleeve down to the fly-end
  • • Both flutter in the wind to attract eyes from customers
  • • Both are made of tough 140kg weight polyknit material
  • • Both are printed on a single side, but color and vibrancy are the same on the reverse.
  • • Both are easy to assemble and tear down in minutes - You can s
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