There are many names for tall advertising banners in the market from Feather and Swooper to Super and Windless. However, they all share one thing in common, they are all price-effective, easy ways to advertise and market your business!

Super vs. Windless

First, they both share a lot of similarities:

  • • Both flags are 11.5ft by 2.5ft tall, and sit on our 16ft poles, to prevent your flag from dragging on the ground. That's 2 feet above competing advertising banners!
  • • Both have double-strength sewn edges from the sleeve down to the fly-end
  • • Both flutter in the wind to attract eyes from customers
  • • Both are made of tough 140kg weight polyknit material
  • • Both are printed on a single side, but color and vibrancy are the same on the reverse.
  • • Both are easy to assemble and tear down in minutes - You can see our assembly video here
  • • Both fit our 16ft Convertible Pole and Compatible Advertising Pole Bases-
  • • Both come in a large variety of designs covering all industries


Here are the differences to note:

Difference Between Super & Windless

Which One Should I Use?

Both flags are great options to use to advertise for your business to hang throughout your business day or outside your business 24/7. If you work in an area with mid to high winds and are expecting to fly your banners outdoors, we would recommend the Super Flag for the eye-catching fluttering display from top to bottom. If you work in an area with low winds or are planning to hang your banner indoors during tradeshows or inside your business, we would recommend the Windless Banner since it requires no wind to stay open for the banner to advertise your business.

Final Takeaways

Both of our Super and Windless flags are effective and simple ways to make an eye-catching impression to advertise to your business to customers. The height of the flag when hung are great ways to get your business in the front with its tall stature and vibrant designs. If you plan on flying your advertising banner outdoors and you work in mid to high wind areas, go with the Super Flag. If you plan on flying your advertising banner indoors, you work in low wind areas, or if you are looking for a banner with more versatility, go with the Windless Banner. Either way, you can not go wrong with one of Flags Importer's Super and Windless Banners. We have been in the advertising flag industry for more than 20 years and have a wide selection of eye-catching designs covering all industries for you to choose from!