Domestic (United States):

8% Sales Tax is collected to any order shipped within the state of California. If your organization has tax-exempt status, we must have a copy of your California Resale (tax-exempt) certificate on file. Please contact us.
Sales tax will not be charged to domestic orders shipped outside of California.

Canada and other countries : 

****Please note, this information applies to ONLINE orders only.****
****Offline orders are subject to a different process in which duties can not be pre-paid****

During checkout, you may be given the option to pre-pay your import duties and import fees. If you do not pre-pay these fees, you will be responsible for paying them at or before time of delivery
International shipments that are refused will be treated as abandoned and will not be refunded.

Additional Information: Below are some additional information regarding international shipments going to Canada you may reference.

Brokerage Fees: The brokerage fees are a processing fee charged by the shipping company. This fee includes filling in a customs form to indicate the contents and value of the shipment and calculating duty and taxes. 

UPS: When UPS Customs Brokerage handles your imports, there is no Entry Preparation Fee for routine customs clearance of UPS Worldwide Express Plus, UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Express Saver, and UPS Worldwide Expedited shipments, including up to five classification lines. Charges may apply for more complex customs clearance procedures. 


Taxes: Each item entering Canada will be charged GST (General Sales Tax) and PST (Provincial Sales Tax - varies by province) based on the declared value. 

Duties: Under NAFTA, items that are deemed manufactured in North America are duty free. A duty (percentage) may be charged if the item is manufactured in another country. All of Flags Importer's products are manufactured overseas and do not qualify for NAFTA.

*Flags Importer will not declare any false indication on the customs to avoid or reduce these fees.