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Below we have documented inventory we have ON ORDER and are due to receive. Customers who order and pay for a backstock/preorder for any of the merchandise listed below will have their orders processed (i.e. packed and shipped) upon receipt of the inventory at our warehouse. Any products not displayed here are not currently on order. Reorders are generally placed every month, and typically arrive 4-6 weeks after placement. All restock arrival periods listed below are SOFT DATES ONLY and are subject to change; we cannot guarantee a product at any specific time. If you need an item for an event, and the restock dates are close, please bear in mind we do not guarantee or make complete refunds for missed deadlines. If your product has not yet shipped, you may cancel your order. If your order has shipped and you wish to return it, we will refund you the cost of the merchandise (so long as it meets the requirements of our returns policy) but NOT any shipping fees. For more information on restock or back ordering merchandise, please contact us with the form below.

We will continue to update this page accordingly. Thank you for being so patient!

NOTICE: Due to recent global events, sea freight shipments have slowed down considerably. Please be prepared to expect some delays on out of stock items. However, Flags Importer is still scheduled to receive shipments and will continue to restock and provide new items. We are well-stocked and will continue to provide the same fast service as always. Air Shipping is always an option for customers who need an out-of-stock product sooner. Please contact us if interested in an air-shipping quote.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.We here at Flags Importer wish everyone to stay safe & healthy!

December 2nd 2022

In Transit

Antiques Flag 3x5ft Poly
We Finance Flag 3x5ft Poly
Pirate Queen Flag 3x5ft Poly
Iran (Lion) Flag 3x5ft Poly
USA/Guatemala Combination Flag 3x5ft Poly
Desert Storm Veteran Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Niue Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Chuuk Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
King Kalakaua Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
USA/Honduras Combination Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
USA/Ecuador Combination Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item

Mexico Single-sided Car Flag

Afro American 4x6in Stick Flag

December 2nd 2022

In Transit

Thin Red Line Soft Plush 50x60in Blanket November 16th
Sugar Skull Soft Plush 50x60in BlanketNew item November 16th

Demisexual Flag 3x5ft POly
Abrosexual Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Questioning Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Androgyne Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Queer Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Puerto Rico (Rainbow) Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Bigender Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Mardi Gras (Festival) Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Happy Spring Y'all Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Hello Summer Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Sweet Summer Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Happy New Year (Cheers) Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Congratulations Grad! Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item
Party Time Flag 3x5ft PolyNew item

Lesbian (Sunset) 12x18in Stick Flag

Embroidered Canada Flag 3x5ft New item
Embroidered Colorado Flag 3x5ft New item
Embroidered Mexico Flag 3x5ft

November 4th 2022

In Stock

Rentals Super Flag
Ice Super Flag
Big Holiday Sale Super Flag
We Accept EBT Super Flag
Mexico Super Flag
Restaurant Super Flag
Breakfast Super Flag

Rentals Windless Banner Flag
Under New Management Windless Banner Flag
Ice Windless Banner Flag
Kettle Corn Windless Banner Flag
Winery Windless Banner Flag

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